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If you or your loved one was hospitalized due to xarelto rivaroxoaban blood thinner and faced side effect, bleeding, vomiting, red or brown urine, swelling, You may eligible to get the financial compensation.

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Did your side effect require you to be in the hospital for 24 hours or longer?

Did you or a loved one suffer any of the following side effects while taking the blood thinner Xarelto?
Blood Clots in other areasDeath = Death Due to Internal Bleeding or a StrokeDeep Vein Thrombosis = Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clot in the Leg)Heart AttackHemorrhagic Stroke = Hemorrhagic Stroke (Also called a Bleeding Stroke)Internal Bleeding = Internal Bleeding (Intestinal, Gastrointestinal, Kidney, Other Internal)Ischemic StrokePulmonary Embolism = Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clot in the Lungs)Rectal Bleeding = Rectal Bleeding (Due to Internal Bleeding)
Did any of those side effects due to Xarelto occur after January 2012?
At the hospital, were you or a loved one directed to stop taking Xarelto by the Physician?



Have you suffered from internal bleeding or a stroke after taking Xarelto?

Xarelto® internal bleeding

Xarelto® and Uncontrollable Bleeding

The popular blood thinner, Xarelto, may cause uncontrollable internal bleeding, strokes, or even death. In fact, thousands of patients have suffered serious, life-threatening side effects after taking the drug.
While all blood thinners have the potential to cause harm, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices has consistently placed Xarelto on its “high-alert medications” list because it has a “heightened risk of causing significant patient harm”.

Clinical Studies on the Safety of Xarelto

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently called Xarelto’s safety into question, as various clinical trials have linked the drug to increased internal bleeding, specifically in the stomach and eyes.

According to one trial involving nearly 46,000 patients taking blood thinners, those who took Xarelto were twice as likely to experience uncontrollable stomach bleeding as compared to those taking warfarin, a blood thinner from a different class of medications.
In yet another study, elderly patients who switched from warfarin to Xarelto suffered from a condition known as vitreous hemorrhaging, which occurs when blood leaks into the space between the cornea and retina of the eye.

While certain studies have indicated elderly patients may be more susceptible to uncontrollable bleeding caused by Xarelto, hundreds of patients have died from excessive internal bleeding after taking the drug, regardless of their age.

In 2012, a report released by the FDA concluded that all patients taking Xarelto are three times more likely to die from uncontrollable bleeding as compared to patients taking warfarin.
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