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Did your side effect require you to be in the hospital for 24 hours or longer?

Did you or a loved one suffer any of the following side effects while taking the blood thinner Xarelto?
Blood Clots in other areasDeath = Death Due to Internal Bleeding or a StrokeDeep Vein Thrombosis = Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clot in the Leg)Heart AttackHemorrhagic Stroke = Hemorrhagic Stroke (Also called a Bleeding Stroke)Internal Bleeding = Internal Bleeding (Intestinal, Gastrointestinal, Kidney, Other Internal)Ischemic StrokePulmonary Embolism = Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clot in the Lungs)Rectal Bleeding = Rectal Bleeding (Due to Internal Bleeding)
Did any of those side effects due to Xarelto occur after January 2012?
At the hospital, were you or a loved one directed to stop taking Xarelto by the Physician?

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Reasons to hire a xarelto lawsuit attorney

Unlike other conventional blood thinning drugs, the use of Xarelto is associated with serious complications and side effects that can often lead to the death of a patient. Over the years, several lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer – Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical Division- of Xarelto. The victims claim that Bayer and Janssen had failed to determine the drug’s safety and warn consumers about its potential side effects. As a result, these Xarelto consumers experienced fatal side effects, including internal and external bleeding, and are now liable to seek xarelto compensation from the makers of Xarelto.
If you have experienced side effects from Xarelto, here is a list of reasons for you to hire a Xarelto lawsuitattorney:

Legal assessment

A professional and experienced Xarelto lawyer can help assess your particular situation and thereby build a strong case. They can evaluate your medial history and monetary losses to establish a feasible action plan in order for you to get full and fair compensation.
Quite simply, a professional lawyer has a rich expertise and experience in Xarelto lawsuits, and can offer you advice on filing a claim and the legal proceedings.

Trial representation

Another reason to work with a Xarelto attorney is that they can represent your case in court, if need be.Xarelto legal proceedings are extensive and complicated; hence a specialized lawyer can make matters easier for you and fight for your legal case in a courtroom.

Evidence collection

A strong legal case relies on compelling evidence, not to mention the immense number of hours gathering that evidence. Thus, a Xarelto lawsuit attorney has the resources to gather strong evidence to prove that Xarelto’s advertisements were misleading or that it is a dangerous drug. Lawyers have sources and contacts, who can help build your claim against a corporate giant.

Estimation of value

Perhaps the most significant reason for hiring a Xarelto attorney is that they are aware of approximate values of injuries. In other words, they have a clear idea of how much financial compensation you are entitled to.

While seasoned Xarelto lawyers will stop at nothing to help you receive financial compensation, sometimes they might advice you to seek a settlement outside court if the case does not look in your favor. After a claim has been filed, your Xarelto lawsuit attorney can help negotiate a fair pre-trial settlement — in case of mediation.

Contingency fee

Most Xarelto attorneys do not charge a contingency fee to their clients. This means that they won’t charge a legal fee unless they actually win or settle your case.

Time saver

Lawsuits can be time consuming and mentally draining. If you do not have hours to collect medical records and other data related to your lawsuit, it is best that you hire a professional to handle the matter for you.

Finally, it is imperative to keep in mind that statutes of limitation impose strict deadlines on the time duration for filing a claim. Hence, you should hire a Xarelto attorney as soon as possible to ensure you receive compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, emotional and mental pain and emotional suffering, and funeral expenses in the case of wrongful death.

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